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Industrial Sector: Chemical

Sharpen your competitive edge monitoring chemical import and export data.


In the chemical sector, where innovative products emerge daily, it’s important to stay one step ahead of the industry. Urunet Mercosur Online’s chemical import-export data allows for a near real-time view of products entering or exiting different countries. This import export data includes the products, volumes, countries of origin/destination, and the parties involved in each trade.

Find new chemical suppliers

Identify and qualify chemical suppliers, including suppliers of agrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, plastics/polymers, biopharmaceuticals, cosmetics, adhesives and much more.

  • Identify sources of chemical supply.

Initiate growth and profitability strategies. Monitor buyers and sellers, long-distance    partners and global competitors.

Manage chemical supply chains

  • Control costs, manage risk and strengthen negotiating positions.

  •  Monitor product demand

Gauge supply and demand. Compare and Project trade flows, cycles, volumes and costs.

  • Track competitors’ shipments

See who your competitors are importing from, and get detailed information about    shippers, volumes and other logistics.

  • Detect irregular dealings

Monitor supplier agreements for compliance. Track and protect your brands and  products.

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