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Production Maintenance Announcement – Descartes Datamyne Saturday, May 30, 2020 Please be advised that Descartes Systems Group will be performing network maintenance starting on Saturday, May 30, 2020 at 17:00 GMT +0000 and ending at 17:30 GMT +0000. A very brief system outage is to be expected during this time. Questions or concerns can be directed to [email protected] Please reference CHN-8886

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Key Foreign Trade Data for Business Decision Making

Explore Markets and Trends

Access global trade data and view the details of buyers, suppliers, products, markets, volumes and values.

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Find Suppliers

Track down suppliers of raw materials and goods to optimize your cost structure.

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Expand your Customer Base

Evaluate new markets and identify sales opportunities in 20 countries with information from up to 45 databases.

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The Most Reliable and Complete Trade Database for International Business Intelligence.

Accessing  our Business Intelligence Application
• Spot local and global business opportunities
• Identify market trends
• Keep track of your competitors
• Plan business strategies based on the most reliable and comprehensive foreign trade data available

El titular de los datos personales tiene la facultad de ejercer el derecho de acceso de los mismos en forma gratuita a intervalos no inferiores a seis meses, salvo que se acredite un interés legítimo al efecto conforme lo establecido en el articulo 14, inciso 3 de la Ley N° 25.326.

La DIRECCIÓN NACIONAL DE PROTECCIÓN DE DATOS PERSONALES, Órgano de control de la Ley N° 25.326, tiene la atribución de atender las denuncias y reclamos que se interpongan con relación al incumplimiento de las normas sobre protección de datos personales.