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I have worked at Urunet Mercosur Online for eight years. I have a B.A. in Communications with a major in Advertising, and supplementary training in Foreign Trade.

“I really enjoyed working at Customer Service. You end up creating strong bonds with your customers.”


I started at Urunet Mercosur Online in 2008. I have an undergraduate degree in Marketing from the Fundación De Altos Estudios en Ciencias Comerciales and graduated in Commercialization at the Catholic University of Salta (Argentina).
Since 2010 I am focused on developing the Argentinean market as well as other markets in Latin America.

“Urunet Mercosur Online is a brilliant tool to spot new customers, find new providers and define the company’s market dimension. My mission is that our customers learn to manage our tool and profit from an invaluable resource: Information.”


With almost 20 years of experience as Account Executive and Sales Representative I am currently Head of the Sales team at the Montevideo office. I first studied Law and International Affairs at the University of the Republic (Uruguay) but later on decided to focus on Foreign Trade, Negotiation and Marketing.

“I love the challenge of searching logical explanations to our customers’ questions. I undertake that responsibility as a commitment to professionalism and quality on behalf of myself and the entire team.”


I joined Urunet Mercosur Online in 2007. I have an undergraduate degree in Marketing from the Fundación de Altos Estudios en Ciencias Comerciales and a B.A. in Commercialization from the Catholic University of Salta (Argentina). I have over 15 years of experience in Marketing and Sales.
I played a key role in the development of the Colombian market, which led to the positioning of Urunet Mercosur Online in said country. I am also responsible for other Latin American markets.

“My goal is that our customers use our information to make better deals while contributing to create more jobs”.


I have worked at Urunet Mercosur Online since 2008. I am Marketing Analyst and Executive Assistant. I was also trained in Brazil on new Customer Service methods.
I have vast experience in the service sector and 12 years of background in the industry. I have worked for six years exclusively for the Brazilian market. I speak fluent Spanish and Portuguese.

“I really enjoy the chance to work on a daily basis with customers both on the telephone and personally, when I visit them at their companies. I train them, answer their questions and I also learn with them. My job is to show them our best products and online tools, so they can use them to satisfy their needs and achieve their goals.”


I joined Urunet Mercosur Online back in 1998 as Telemarketer, while I was studying International Trade at the university. I have over a decade of experience in the imports and exports world.

“I like working with each individual customer assisting them on how our system can help them make better business decisions regarding Foreign Trade.”


I joined the Urunet Mercosur Online team in 2008. I studied Foreign Trade and worked in Uruguay’s Free Zone at the multinational Ricoh as Account Executive serving customers in Latin America and Europe. I graduated in Communications while working at Urunet Mercosur Online.

“My job at Urunet Mercosur Online requires me to collaborate closely with customers in Uruguay as if I were part of their companies supporting them in their business decision-making and helping them find out the position of their companies in the market.”


I joined Urunet Mercosur Online Commercial Department in 1998 to focus on Customer Service. Throughout the years in the industry I have built a close bond with our customers. My job is to help them discover new markets, position their companies in the market and close business deals. In order to increase my contribution to the company I was also trained in Negotiation, Marketing and Internal Quality Audits.

“I really enjoy doing my job. The reliability of the company’s products guarantees the quality of the advice I give to customers aimed at improving the performance of their business and strengthening business partnerships.”


I joined Urunet Mercosur Online’s Commercial Department in 2009. I have an academic background in International Trade and years of experience in Customer Service in the local market. I currently work as Account Executive for the international market serving companies in South America, Central America, Europe, Asia and Oceania. I speak fluent Spanish and English.
In 2014 I became a member of the Corporate Social Responsibility team, which is responsible for promoting occupational health, culture and environmental protection among the employees.

“Working with customers from all over the world has been a great asset for my career. Here I have the chance to adapt to different market realities and engage as much as possible with customer needs.”

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